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How to find an honest and reliable %service% in %City%?

Among the many %service% company in %City%, most of them are honest and reliable professionals but some are less than ethical when it comes to changing a lock or installing a safe. The services provided by a %service% are very important in the sense that it requires a good amount of trust between you and the %service% that you hire. After all, the %service% that you choose will have access to your keys and will know more about the level and type of security in your home or business than anybody else. We want to help you make an informed decision while you decide if you should hire and trust the %service% who is at your door. If you are prepared and you know what to ask and what to look for, you’ll be able to assess a %service% honesty and professionalism and to decide if he/she is the right %service% for the job and for your budget. SoFlo Locksmith is happy to help %City% residents in their research for a good %service% and we hope that your next locksmith job in %City% will be handled in the most honest and professional way.

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Inquire about your %Service%’s reputation

It is important to know that there is no licensing requirement for locksmiths in the state of Florida. Nonetheless, some counties like Miami-Dade county still have a locksmith ordinance by which individuals and companies providing %service% services to the public must abide. The Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources (RER) conducts a criminal background check of applicants before granting them a license. The Locksmith Ordinance applies to any person who installs, repairs, rebuilds, rekeys, repins, recodes, services, adjusts, opens or modifies locks, mechanical and electronic security locking devices and peripherals, safes, vaults, safe deposit boxes, and closed circuit television systems. Locksmiths and locksmith companies are required to have insurance, and to have proper identification from RER before performing any of these services. You should perform a search for your %service%’s name or company name at the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. Check for any complaints and how they’ve been handled. It is more interesting to see how complains were handled rather than how many complains your %service% has had in the past. It’s one thing to have one or a few unhappy customers but trying to fix things and to make them happy is another and can go a long way. A serious %service% in %City% should have no problem sharing this information with you.

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Tips to select a good %service% in %City%

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Ask your %City% %service%’s labor cost

Another question to ask your %service% is “Will you provide me with a detailed estimate?”. You should receive a detailed estimate from your %service%. His estimate should provide you be precise and include the scope of the repair or installation that will be performed, especially there are new pieces to install lke a new lock or a new safe. THe cost of labor should be clearly mentioned along with the price of the parts that will need to be changed  or installed if any. Most locksmiths in %City% will charge you a global price for labor with no hourly fee. In most cases, a %service% will charge you a service call fee. This service call fee should be waived if you accept the estimate from your %service% and hire him to perform the job. It makes no sense for you to have to pay a %service% for both a service call and for the job itself. As your %City% %service% to waive the service call fee if you think that his estimate makes sense.

Ask your %service% about the parts he uses

A very important factor is the type of parts that your %service% is planning on using. Ask for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, especially for door locks, High Security locks, Bio-metric locks, Key-Less locks, Front Door locks, etc. Those are parts that are made by the original manufacturer of reputable brands that must be compatible with your door. It generally garanties you that those parts will fit and are made to be compatible with your current door, window, safe and locksmith installation. In addition you will have a warranty on these parts in case they should break within typically 1 year.

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